La Vie Society is a consultancy that specializes in digital marketing for lifestyle brands. We are passionate about cultivating a brand’s unique voice and using inspiring content to tell their story. We focus on building brand recognition by nurturing a community of purposeful relationships based on their target audience.

We bring people together through impactful digital solutions.



Every brand is looking to challenge the status quo, become a disruptor in their industry and acquire valuable customers who will be their brand cheerleaders. Whether it’s generating buzz for your product or service, gaining marketplace momentum, building brand awareness, or producing brand loyalty – a cohesive Marketing Strategy will help you leverage and expand your reach.

Platform Management

From managing content, engaging with target audiences, and building a community of  brand advoates, managing your brand’s online presence is the key to executing a carfully crafted brand and marketing strategy.

Advertising & Promotions

Creating a great brand isn’t enough. You need to get in front of your customers, by creating a direct line of communication to your existing and prospective customers about your product or service. We will help you drive traffic to your products and services through targeted advertising initatives and promotional campaigns.

Content Creation

Content is king – it is what supports your brand’s voice, and authenticity. Creating unique content that tells your unique brand’s story is at the core of we do. We dive deep into the heart and soul of your brand to bring forth the componets that resonate with your customers in a meaningful way.

Digital Marketing

Content creation is the future for driving customer acquisition, brand awareness, and omnichannel communications. From Social Media Managment to Email Marketing, Blog Management, Creative Campaigns and Digital Advertising, Photography and Videography and more – content creation is a crucial piece in your marketing efforts that bridges your brand voice to your marketing strategy.

Brand Identity

Your brand stands for something, and it’s our job to help you cultivate that voice. Your brand voice is about humanizing your brand, being consistent with your positioning across multimedia plateforms so that you are an easily identified and reputable source for your area of expertise.


Storytelling is a constant that has been shared in every human civilization. It’s a part of how we learn, communicate and make sense of the world. And while the way we tell stories has changed, the stories themselves affirm who we are and who we want to become.


Jamie Danno

Founded by Jamie Danno, La Vie Society stands for gathering together for a united purpose – to build a community that is influential and prosperous throughout every aspect of life. Jamie’s belief is that a brand’s sole purpose is bigger than dollar signs. It’s about merging their passion and purpose together to connect, influence, encourage and to create something bigger than itself.

“I believe it’s the stories in our lives that bring us together. I thrive by collaborating with other like-minded creatives, innovating, and building out amazing content that generates buzz for their brand.” – Jamie Danno